Saturday, February 16, 2019

Resort Living!

What’s not to like about living life on vacation!  We used to save up and take a whole week off work to enjoy a warm resort in the winter.  Now we can just pull into a resort marina and have it all to enjoy for as long as we choose.  We have chosen 2 months for Longboat Key Club Moorings and glad we did.  Initially we were assigned “O” dock which was out in the “back 40” so we had a 1/4 mile walk to the bathroom, showers, laundry, pool and anyone we knew on boats here.  That got old but we put up with it because the facilities were great.

We were way in the back of this picture until we were allowed to move at the beginning of February to the dock right in front on the left of this picture.  Our red canvas is peeking out above other boats.

This was the view along our walk to and from “O” dock looking out over Sarasota Bay with beautiful mangrove trees.  

And at sunset, the mangroves filled with all kinds of birds hunkering down for the night.  It was fun watching more aggressive birds chase other birds from primo spots on the branches.  Interesting to see how varied species from pelicans to cormorants share the same trees.

We have split our time between the long list of boat chores and also having some fun.  Amazing how the Captain can wiggle around to get under the flybridge helm to do some wiring!  Thanks to that new hip and daily walks for exercise! 

The marina shuttle has taken us to the Gulf side part of the resort where we can access beach chairs, towels and a wonderful, flat, hard packed beach for long walks.   

This blue heron must have been very used to humans which allowed me to get so close for a picture. 

We have enjoyed some breakfasts and a lunch at our favorite Blue Dolphin Cafe in St. Armand’s Circle which we can access via either the marina shuttle or get some exercise using marina bikes.  

The pool is heated so has become our late afternoon respite for floating and stretching, followed by time in the hot tub before showers in the very nice marina facilities.  

And sometimes, after a walk, just sitting on the beach and listening to small waves ripple on shore is a treat not to miss.  Al’s feet were resting while his eyes were gazing at the tranquil water. 

Later in January we had overnight company as Al’s college roommate Randy and his wife Nancy came for a visit.  No need for fancy restaurants for the four of us to enjoy a great lunch overlooking the Bay.  

Then while Al went home for annual medical appointments, I enjoyed a visit from my good friend Vanessa!  Unfortunately for her, she unpacked shorts and repacked more long pants before coming because the weather turned from lovely and warm, to down right cold at times!  But we still walked the beach and Vanessa went home with most of the shells on Longboat Key! 

We walked close to the marina under banyon trees mixed with palms and live oaks. 

We ventured over to Lido Key for an art show and bought real Maine lobster rolls at the funny little concession stand at Lido Beach.  

The tastey lunch made up for the bone chilling, damp afternoon!  

Vanessa even experienced galley cooking in my “one butt” galley.  

We spent our rainy and cold Sunday at the extraordinary Ringling Circus Museum.

We had fun despite the constant downpour.  (Which BTW has been the only completely rainy day since we got here!) 

One Saturday we became honorary Kane’s by taking my college roommate, Mo and some of her siblings, their spouses and a nephew for a lunch cruise around Sarasota Bay.  We were grateful the weather warmed up and the north wind laid down.  Fun day! Then we had another fun Saturday last week when John and Nancy Behr came for a days visit so we could catch up about life events and explore the area.  John and Al worked together at the great company that is sponsoring our retirements, thank your Firestone!!

So here sits InSpeyered 2 in a gorgeous setting that we have enjoyed so far. 

There are always the dramatic sunsets to savor as well. 

Or the picturesque Gulf shore to relax on and forget about the world’s problems.  Living on a boat has many positives that are hard to beat; we are lucky people and appreciate what we have together.