Tuesday, April 26, 2016

And Now Presenting Our Beautiful Upgraded InSpeyered 2

The canvas has all been replaced and new screen "curtains" provide bug control on the flybridge!

Note the dingy is also changed.  The baby Whaler is for sale through a dealer and we now have a Rigid run about on board that will be much more comfortable and zippy. Quite the shock when Al decided to give up owning a Whaler.  His old one is now owned by Erik so we officially will not be Whaler owners as soon as the baby is sold.  Note the great Rigid canvas cover!
She's ready to be launched as soon as we get on anchor and want to explore a new area!

And this is my new navigating chair!! I had been sitting on a cushion on the back of the seat and had regular back fatigue and discomfort. Now I will be totally supported and comfy to check charts and give Al orders from my side of the boat.
This is Al's seat in front of the helm!  He was being much more picky than me and special ordered a captain chair that reclines and will not be made until later in June.  So he gets to wait on this pile of cushions just like the "princess and the pea" while I enjoy my much cheaper and readily available chair when we leave tomorrow to begin our journey again.  I almost caved and gave Al my chair temporarily but when I figured it was his bad for screwing up the order, I decided to enjoy my choice that saves us a bit of money while he suffers the consequence of his (in my opinion) need for the perfect chair!  And speaking of chairs...
We have finally put our Christmas gift to ourselves into the boat.  We have mama bear and papa bear Stressless chairs to replace the old recliners that were not as comfortable as these. So life is becoming more comfortable and cushy for us.   So onward to our adventure and cheers to us getting out of Florida once and for all!  Looking forward to checking out some other states.  Here's to good health and calm seas for all!  And maybe some better luck for us.  

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