Sunday, December 6, 2015

A Fun Bunch of Days!

Well a good 12 hours of sleep does wonders and we are happy with boat travel once more!  We turned our Tuesday walk (12/1) into a visit to Clearwater beach.  Beautiful white sand and lapping waves.  I called our good friend Glenda who was on vacation in Clearwater many months ago for a recommendation for a lunch place. And here we are for a late afternoon repose.
Wednesday I felt compelled to finally finish the jigsaw puzzle to end the Thanksgiving week and to neaten up the salon because we had guests coming.  So before our walk I did it!!
Luckily, we have a nice table that opens up to allow a 1000 piece puzzle to fit.  And back in the box it went!  We then, Wednesday morning, went back north 6 miles to a great marina in Dunedin which offered a special price for loopers for a very nice slip in a clean and friendly place.  We had mail sent to the son of an old buddy from Firestone that we wanted to meet up with and also Al's college roomate and wife planned to visit us there.  But when we arrived we learned that a wonderful Christmas boat parade with an all day BBQ was scheduled for this past Saturday, so we signed up to stay 4 nights.  Sooo nice to not have a schedule!!  We spent a wonderful day on Thursday on Caldesi Island, a dingy ride from our marina.  

Another beautiful, white sand beach with Randy (Al's college roomate) and wife Nancy as we walked along the windy Gulf shore. 
Our friends from Sandrobber also took their dingy over to the island and Sandy and I went on an extra walk along a wildlife trail and the only species we encountered was an orbweaver spider.  Friday was a day for some shopping and a trip to Tarpon Springs for some Greek food!  Then Saturday happened!
This boat was perpendicular to ours, decked to the hilt for the parade!  More parade pics:

Not in good order but fun pics all the same!
Our Santa was actually a young man from Gallatin, TN who now dives and cleans boat bottoms and does other under water repairs while living here in Dunedin, FL.   He was happy to meet up with other folks from near his home port. A great kick off to the holiday season!! 
Today, we passed by the Sunshine Bridge in Tampa Bay on our way to Longboat Key area.

A little house and a great big house in the Florida ICW. Tonight we sit in an anchorage near Sarasota and are very relaxed and content.

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