Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Bit More of Florida Before We Are Home

Well photo magic happened yesterday when we were underway with no wifi; so I guess, because we had such a strong Verizon signal my phone pics made the jump into my iPad!
So I digress a week to our visit to the Ringling museums.
The "Kissing Statue" just on the land side of our Marina. Al shrunk!!

This is the Ringling lavish and colorful house.

These pics are of a huge display of an entire miniature circus that was hand made by a circus fan.
InSpeyered 2 sitting on a mooring ball outside of Sarasota.

Victory Lap (the one with the cute white Bimini) sitting with 2 other mini Boston Whalers at the dingy dock at the Sarasota marina.  She enjoyed some bonding time with other baby Whalers while we went on our walk!
Me walking the beach of Cayo Costa on the Gulf side. Note I am now taping my ankle and it helps!

Sadly leaving the anchorage of Cayo Costa.  Note how close we are to shore which is the deeper water, 5-7 feet below the boat, whereas, when we came in and avoided the shore, we almost ran aground again because the sand shifts and we had 1ft below the boat. 
Here we are in a busy, wide open waterway around Ft. Meyers with heavy Sunday traffic! Yuck!

But my buddy dolphins continue to follow us and make high jumps just for my pleasure!! 
So today we are working our way across Florida from the West to the East coasts and we have to climb a bit higher than sea level so we must go through small locks.  These are different than the ones we went into on the TennTom; these actually open gates to let water flow in so they are more turbulent but kinda fun as well. Tomorrow we have 3 locks and the Okeechobee Lake to cross.  Then only 15 miles after that to get to Stuart, FL to stop for a bit! 

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  1. Where are you guys? Looking for the resumption of the adventure and it isn't there!