Monday, February 1, 2016

On The Road Again!

Al and I hum the tune to the song "On The Road Again" as we begin our adventure once more.  After a month at home and 2 weeks on the boat at Stuart Yacht Boat Yard waiting to have the upgrades finished on InSpeyered 2, we finally took off yesterday for a whopping 20 mile cruise to our first Atlantic anchorage!
Leaving Stuart Yacht which is on a canal off the St. Lucie River.

This canal is lined with lovely homes with even lovelier boats for each home!

Sunday boat traffic on the St. Lucie River near the intersection of the Inlet out to the Atlantic and the the Intercoastal Water Way.  We took a right turn into the ICW opting not to get into the Atlantic yet.
Finding an anchorage was tricky with so much boat traffic but we lucked out and found deep enough water to anchor in this lovely Peck Lake along the ICW.
 This morning we took our walk along Hobe Sound National Wildlife Sanctuary beach with no people in sight except for our good friends Sandy and Rob who we are again traveling with.  Sandrobber needed some repair work so they joined us at Stuart Yacht and after all repairs and other work was complete, we took off together to head to the Keys.

Today we leave this great beach to make our way along the ICW to Lake Worth, West Palm Inlet. 

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  1. Yay you are back! I have been looking forward to more of your adventures. I am writing a post about travel, so am including link to you blog! Hope you had lovely holidays- glad you are back "on the road."