Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Iguanas and Megayachts!

A week ago we were on our merry way down the ICW heading to the Keys and we made it as far as Fort Lauderdale.  Then we took a day off to regroup and the wind blew in and stopped us cold.  So we are sitting along the wall of the New River close to fancy shops and restaurants and surrounded by megayachts and much to my chagrin, iguanas!!
 As we cruised toward West Palm the houses and boats just got bigger.  Nice little neighborhood dock
 We anchored in Lake Worth and took the tender over to Peanut Island to take our walk.
This is the anchorage with lots of boats.  If you look closely you can see InSpeyered nestled amongst them all, settled in for a calm night in water with very strong current.
On Wednesday the traffic was heavy and at times crazy while cruising from West Palm to Fort Lauderdale.  We crossed under 20 bridges that day and all but 6 of them had to open for us to make it under as we are about 21' tall.  That means a lot of waiting time and most of them open on a schedule so as not to interrupt auto traffic so if you miss the schedule it can be an even longer wait.   Learned a tough lesson on the second to last bridge because it didn't open when scheduled because no other boat had called and asked for an opening.  So one minute past the scheduled time, I hailed the bridge and he made us wait 30 mins until the next scheduled opening!  What a meanie!!
So here we sit on the New River with a very nice River walk next to us busy with strolling tourists.

And this is our view of yacht after yacht going down the river likely to be part of the upcoming Miami boat show.  The River is narrow and the boats just seem to get bigger so they need tow boats to push them around all the curves.  It is great fun to watch them go by!  We are well entertained! 
So Saturday we took a long dingy ride up and down the river and made it to the beach for a great walk and lunch.  Sandy and Rob from Sandrobber continue to travel with us.  On the way back this was about the largest yacht we passed so had to take a photo.
Then this little fella sitting on our grill was waiting for our return that afternoon. 
And then his buddies also made their presence known!
 This one I spotted way up in the tree hanging over our bimini looking like he would leap onto our decks at any minute!
This one chose to sun bathe next to our dock lines.  They seem to be quite used to people around so are unfazed as we get on/off the boat.  And when up in the tree, they think nothing of pooping and peeing on our decks!!  Yuck, but it is all part of the adventure!  The plan is to head out tomorrow morning to run toward the Keys, may the winds be calm!!

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