Sunday, February 14, 2016

Loopers Gathering in Marathon

This is a wonderful picture of the sunset that I somehow missed when we anchored between Key Largo and Rodriquez Key taken by Rob on Sanrobber with InSpeyered silhouetted in the background 
We had a slow start to our day on Thursday staying put because a fuel leak was found on Sandrobber so Al and I thought it would be a fun idea to put Victory Lap in the water and zip on over to Key Largo for a walk. We were not thinking clearly because the wind had picked up and the water was very choppy so being in a small boat was not our smartest move!  We made it into the bouncy boat and had a rough ride, stopping at Sandrobber to check in with them.  Magically they had made a successful patch job and were ready to get going and here we were in the dingy in water we should not have been in.  We quickly headed back to the big boat and it took 8 tries for me to get off the dingy and onto InSpeyered 2, nearly falling in several times.  But we moved past that and took off around noon for our Marathon destination.

Sandrobber is heading out next to us, the water is rolling and choppy but onward we go!
Even though the water is wavy, the wind is again at our backs so the ride for 5 hours of cruising is smooth and we are now in sight of 7 mile bridge which we cross under to access our destination.

Our late departure lead to a late arrival but the sunset was well worth leaving my navigation duty to take some pictures.
This is our approach to Faro Blanco Marina as we aim for that little light house. 
We were met by our old travel buddies on California Lady who took this picture.  After getting tied  to the dock by the great staff of this Marina, we were treated to a wonderful dinner to reunite our 3 boats again.  We plan to stay here for a week to do some sight seeing and to visit with all sorts of  looper friends who also are resting in the Keys. So far we have enjoyed daily walks on that 7 mile bridge we crossed under a few days ago and have done a thorough cleaning of all the iguana poop and pee!!  Now for a few more days of R&R!

Views from our flybridge today.  Lots of wind and water chop but it is warm and sunny and beautiful here and tomorrow we go to Key West to see crazy stuff!  

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