Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Bone Yard!

Sunday night we anchored between Bull Island and Capers Island about 20 water miles from Charleston.  Our gold looper friends from Charleston highly recommend this anchorage knowing how much we like to walk empty beaches.  The added bonus is this mess of dead and bleached out trees that the locals have named the "Bone Yard".  We took Victory lap (the new one) over to Capers Island on Monday morning before up anchoring. If you look closely behind Victory Lap (which BTW still does not have her name plate)  you can see the mother ship on anchor.
This was our view of the two islands with the open inlet to the ocean far off in the distance. 

We walked and walked Sunday afternoon on the empty beach of Bull Island.  We could build a house here and never leave except it is Federal Wildlife property!

This beauty was just hanging out on the edge of the water waiting for the tide to rise and take it back out to the ocean. 

This was a very peaceful place to drop an anchor for a night, especially after a week in a city marina with tour boats going in and out day and night!  We much prefer the anchoring.  We are heading to Myrtle Beach to leave the boat for a week while we fly to Indy for the 100th running race.  So no blogs for more than a week because going to Indy by land doesn't count as part of the loop!

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  1. Looks like you really had fun. I must say, that sunset is just incredible. I will definitely plan a trip like this with my friends soon.