Friday, November 27, 2015

A Perfect Thanksgiving!

Our written invitation to a Thanksgiving dinner arrived at our boat on Wednesday morning!  We were so amazed and excited that our new friends, Linda and Huen took on the daunting task of making a Thanksgiving dinner for so many boat people. We learned that Huen has been a chef and has done large catering so we knew we were in excellent hands in the culinary world.  They are a couple who have big hearts and a special spot for boat lovers so this dinner was a labor of love for them.
Our special chef, Huen stands behind one part of the extensive table that snaked around the inside of his house.  He worked for 2 full days creating a masterpiece meal.

We dined with soo many folks. Some we met a day ot two ago, some we met at the Rendezvous and keep running into, and some that we have been running with for weeks. It was an amazing event! 
This is our special group of boaters minus California Lady, travelers who moved on days ago. Left to right, Rob & Sandy (Sandrobber), jump to Al and I and then Tim & Carol (Liquid Assests) and back to Carol's visiting brother and cute blonde wife, Jess. The added friend is on a boat we just connected with yesterday.
And the best part of Thanksgiving dinner is leftovers and here is the table of what we could not consume with baggies to pack it up and take it to our boats!!  Our hosts were beyond caring friends!!
We sure hope you all enjoyed a special day and we are thankful that we have the opportunity to make this journey in good health and are being followed by good friends via this blog. 
Thank you Linda and Huen in Port St. Joe, Florida for the perfect Thanksgiving!!

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