Thursday, November 19, 2015

The rest of the Story!!

Well we did get the wind and rain as predicted!! We made the right decision! Al made the best of it by going to a West Marine store to spend more money and I finished my friend's book, "The Golden Age of Charli" and did a PT treatment for a friend who has some hip pain.  What a perfect day!!  Al even worked in a nap!  I scooted around the deck with a wash cloth on my feet to loosen dirt so the rain could wash it away.  Such a fun life we have now!
Today was still a bit rainy but the mild wind allowed us to walk the town and then untie and head further East.  Our destination is Port St. Joe where we will sit and wait for the weather to allow us to take a diagonal across the "arm pit" of Florida which is marshy and not easily navigable.

Looking back off our stern, this is the last view we had of traveling home in 2012 as we approached the Panama City Marina where Al and I left InSpeyered in the hands of Erik and our friend Dean.  So we kinda crossed our own wake as boaters say.

A large part of our travels today occurred in another "cut", or human altered creek, to make it wide enough to complete the ICW.  We saw a sad accumulation of sunken boats along the way.  It's like seeing those comercials for pets that are neglected!  We love boats and hate to see them so alone! 
Twins left without loved ones!
More orphans left to die!  Don't boat owners have any respect?  
This is truly a house boat!  It is floating on styrafoam supports with a runabout boat tied behind.
Another bald eagle sighting!  Following Sandrobber helps because they are really good at sighting birds!  Thanks Sandy and Rob!!
A "street sign" telling us to turn right to another man made cut to head to our destination!

AHH! Finally the end of our travels for today.  We are entering St. Joseph Bay at the beginning of sunset and are now in the Eastern Time Zone. We will take a left (opps go to Port) and find our marina destination to meet up with lots of loopers waiting for our crossing.  I will explain that further in another post.
Always a beautiful sunset to observe.  This will never get old. 

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