Wednesday, November 18, 2015

It seems that Mother Nature is our cruise director!!

One important benefit of sitting in a marina is there is always some place to take our daily walk.  While walking Tuesday (11/17) through the quaint streets of the City of Panama City (all the signs say this!) Al and I reviewed the weather as predicted on my phone and decided to investigate further all the weather possibilites and the distances we planned to go in the next few days.  We have such great electronic helpers that we don't travel without fairly sure knowlege of what lies ahead!  And we have agreed that if one of us says "no" to travel or a choice of places to stop, we heed that request.  So my take on the weather was that we would be fine leaving Tuesday for the anchorage but Wednesday would be a problem because we wanted a city dock space and it could be full of boats sitting out the thunder storms predicted for Wednesday afternoon.  So we paid for 2 more nights and sat back to relax. Al's only requirement for agreeing to sit still was a pizza dinner Tuesday night-easily accomplished!
Today is Wednesday and this is the sky that greeted us as we began our morning walk.  The wind is kicking up with fairly strong gusts.

This is my attempt at taking pictures of wind.  Typically this bay would be flat as a pond with no white caps.  Those white caps make my stomach flop thinking about motion sickness that I have avoided for today!!  We, so far, have only had the wind with no rain, but both Al and I are hoping the storm develops as predicted to make it worth our while for staying put in this marina!  It would be no fun if the storm passes by without a drop of rain.  An added plus of fresh water rain is a good washing  of salt off the decks and windows. 

Even all the working boats are taking a day off from fishing.  The laundromat will be busy today.  For us it is a day to do nothing because chores and shopping were all done to prepare for leaving yesterday!!  Reading and Sudoku for me! I'll let you know the rest of the story tomorrow or Friday!

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