Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Plans with a Little Looper Magic!

After we realized last weekend that it would be a while until the weather window would open for our crossing, we began to make Thanksgiving plans.  On Sunday, several boaters got together and decided we could have a picnic at the marina with cooked food we could buy from the Piggly Wiggly grocery store.  But we were disappointed to find out that they were no longer taking new orders.  So Plan B was to make a reservation at the only restaurant in town that will be serving a buffet for the holiday.  But once again, we were disappointed to learn that they had a long waiting list for their buffett.  So I talked to marina people to get a list of churches in the area, hoping one would be cooking turkeys as a fund raiser as our church does in Hendersonville.  Well looper magic prevailed once more and a couple in town heard that there were at least 20 people at the marina with no opportunity for a Thanksgiving feast.  (We cook little meals in our boats.) So my asking around got the word out and Voila!  we now have an invitation to dine with Linda and Huen (don't know a last name) who graciously have offered to cook for all of us.  The number is up to 40 now for dinner!
But in honor of the day, I got inspired to bake pumpkin muffins in my little galley to give to friends and our new best friends, Linda and Huen.
My little oven did well and now we have a wonderful aroma in the boat.
But part of my tradition is to do at least one jigsaw puzzle and I found a great one in a store in town.
So here are my new good friends working on a 1000 piece puzzle!
This is our very colorful picture we are trying to create with puzzle pieces. 
And this is how much we accomplished for our first day of puzzling! It was a fun day in the sun with great conversations about our travels.  So even though we are not at home, we have some traditions continuing and new tradtions emerging! This is a great adventure! 

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