Friday, November 6, 2015

Leaving the Tenn-Tom

We put away the rain slickers and hauled out the summer clothes again, YEAH!!  Got cruising again yesterday on the last leg of the Tenn-Tom waterway.
The Dolly Parton bridge named for its curvesGetting into bayou country.
Our first glimpse of Mobile as we officially end the Tenn-Tom portion of the loop.  The water becomes brackish as the fresh river water mixes with ocean water.  Currents will now be on our minds as we get closer to the Gulf.
The wildlife is changing to reflect the salt water environment so pelicans and gulls will be the common birds we see. 

We slowly make our way along Mobile waterfront.
Ships to protect the USA.

Mobile Bay at work!

We passed some big ships!
And left them in our wake. 
Mobile Bay is huge so it is the first time we look out and don't see land ahead or to the sides without binnoculars!  Yesterday afternoon we cruised to the west side of the bay to fill with diesel at the marina that had the lowest price at $2.34/gal. and offered a free night stay after the fill up.  Then after our walk this morning, we cruised across the bay about 8 miles to the east side to another marina offering the first night free without a fill up! We are in the town of Fairhope, AL which is a quaint town and has a Publix. Again, it doesn't take much to make a boater happy so we borrowed the courtesy van and made a Publix run, wohoo!!
Sunset from our Flybridge

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  1. Looks good! That's a great picture of your boat and the margins are so much better. We get there eventually!