Saturday, September 1, 2018

Three more nights in Quebec City

On Thursday, 8/23 we arrived back at the Old Port Marina in Quebec City, tired but exhilarated that we had such a memorable family adventure.

This was the last day for Erik to be Captain of our boat and he took full advantage as he managed the helm most of the day.  It was a nice mother-son time and even the first mate took some short periods of driving the boat.  

We were happy to see Quebec City looming on the horizon in the early evening.  Erik did a perfect job getting us through the lock and safely tied to the dock.  But he had one more mission and his mom made it happen.  While Al hung back at the boat and walked some and cleaned up in the great showers of the marina, Erik and I set out to walk the city and find the right poutine dinner to get him as take out.  Too tired to actually eat in a restaurant!  

Back in shorts and tee shirts (not nearly as chilly in the city with the sun as it was out on the water) we did some fast walking to climb our way up into the Old City to find Cochon Dingue, a place I was sure would have authentic and tasty poutine.  Erik chose one with duck gravy and duck meat.  Gloppy but he liked it!  We walked over 4 miles to get our food and take the long way back to the boat.  Al snapped our picture as we walked the boardwalk across from the marina basin.  By that time of day, the lock was open as it was high tide and the water level inside equaled the water level outside.  That meant we couldn’t cross over the lock on a bridge, thus we took the long way around the basin.  After a nice night of drinks on the flybridge, easy dinner (Al and I had leftovers) and another Pixar movie, we all fell into bed for a blissful sleep.  Saturday was a sleep in day and then we set out so Erik could really see the city.  

Of course, Erik took the lead, followed by his mom and then dad, up and up we went.

Such a wonderful last full day to be together.  Erik picked Chic Shack, known for its burgers as our lunch stop and we had very messy, yummy burgers (chicken for me) with lots of fries.  

Then it was up some more to the Plains of Abraham and the Citadel.

The climbing order remained the same so Erik could take pictures of his parents struggling to reach the top!  What spectacular views of the city and the St. Lawrence!  

Al and Erik were good at taking pictures and somehow, I failed to get any good shots of the two men together!  So the pictures are mostly of Erik and me. 
While Al and I took a rest break to sit in a park, Erik went on a quest to find a shop that sold watches as that was his purchase as a memento for his vacation.  Across from our park, was the Basilica Notre Dame, so I took the opportunity to pop in and feel the peace of the very ornate sanctuary.   

It seems that money was not spared when these old French Catholic Churches were built.   After the successful shopping excursion, we worked our way down the streets and steps to le Petit Champlain for Erik to see and then, with tired legs, went back to the boat for the men to take after lunch naps and for me to read.  

Our last dinner together was at Charbon Steakhouse, which is situated in the train station.  All in all, it was a great family day.  

But all good things end sometime and Saturday, 8/25 was the end to Erik’s vacation.  We were sad parents saying goodbye to our son after a slow morning while Erik packed and prepped for his 3 flight trek home.  We enjoyed a traditional “boat lunch” of quesadillas, prepared by the “galley princess” before he departed.  

Sad and happy to have had such a great vacation and then to have it end, but also looking forward to time alone in his apartment to regroup for the upcoming work week.   

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