Thursday, September 17, 2015

After cruising today for about 5 hours we departed Tennessee and entered state number 2, Kentucky.  It was a beautiful day but it continues to take way longer to cover a short distance!! We had contact with other "loopers" that we passed along the way.  They were heading to Nashville on a side trip and encouraged us with lots of advice.  It is feeling more like we really are on the Great Loop with other like minded boat owners.  Our day ended with anchor issues but we learned how to use our secondary anchor that we previously never used so maybe it was meant to be one more lesson.  Onward we go to Green Turtle Bay Marina to have lots of work done on the boat and to restock and organize the larder.

We have gotten nice comments but please give us your full name so we are sure of your identity!  Also if you know an easy way to pull pictures from my Ipad to this blog, let me know because all kinds of googling has not helped.  We have some pics to post but have not been successful.

Just crossing the Kentucky state line on the Cumberland River
The crew is happy to be in a new state!


  1. Hey Jane! Hooked up with your blog, so keep us updated with lots of pictures of the ocean, and beautiful sunsets to get us land-locked folks "Inspeyered"!!!! Glad you are having fun so far! Cheers to you. Karla B.

  2. Hi Jane and Al, we are following your adventures, pea green with envy! Hope somebody has great advice on uploading pix...but it sure won't be us!

    Looking forward to staying in touch!