Wednesday, September 16, 2015

We're off and enjoying!

 Well friends, we finally took off yesterday midafternoon with a send off from our good friend Glenda.  When I learn to put pictures that she took on this blog you can see our departure.  It was a mix of excitement, nervous energy and saddness leaving our land home and friends.
We then connected with our buddies Ann and Rob Strebler in Nashville and their daughter joined us for dinner.  The four of us departed today and have made it all the way to Clarksville to a nice quiet and new marina.  The weather has been gorgeous and the cruising uneventful.  It is amazing how long it takes by boat to travel a short distance around Nashville!!  So the dream has begun and we hope you follow us along.  Pictures to follow!
Bedraggled and dirty but ready to take off!

Cruising away from Drakes Creek for the last time!
Leaving a wake to drift into our home dock, bye to our land home for some time!

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