Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Finally underway!

Well we finally had the electronic update completed on Friday 9/25 and we had fun going out with our installer that afternoon.  The boat can now be driven with autopilot through the Garmin GPS so no hands need to touch the wheel!!  But of course some wheel turning will still occur.  My iPad can connect with the Garmin so I can follow our course and navigate.  I also now have Active Captain on my iPad so while we are cruising I can identify all anchorages and marinas in the area to make decisons about how far to go and where the best place is to stop.

We were delayed with our leave when we found we had need for a new generator water pump and that part could not be shipped and installed until Monday 9/28.  So we spent the weekend going to a farmer's market and other stores for more provisions and cleaning the inside of the boat.  The chaos is gone, hurray!!  We even watched some football just as if we were home.

The view of the marina as we took on fuel and prepared to finally get underway up the Tennessee River.
Leaving the fuel dock, ahead is Lake Barkley which is one side of Land Between the Lakes.  The Tennessee River is on the other and soon we will take the cut over to it.
Just cruising under the bridge to Paducah which crosses over the man made cut that connects the Cumberland River (Lake Barkley) to the Tennessee River (Kentucky Lake)
On the Tennesse River using new toys to drive the boat and navigate the channel
The new prize possesion with a 16" screen so us older folks can clearly read the data!!
Passing a barge on our way to our second cove on this waterway.  We stayed at 2 different quiet coves  traveling about 20 miles each day, nice slow pace.  We are definitely on boat time now and enjoying the peace of it all!
PS: my ankle is still a bit sore but ice does the trick and I can maneuver around the boat safely albeit slowly. Leaving bad luck behind us!

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  1. omg...i had no idea you injured your ankle...yikes! Sounds like you are getting better...? Remember to try to get some "aquatic therapy" in if you can...lots of bicycling on a noodle or something...keep that circulation going until you can do more weight bearing and don't forget to deep massage those ligaments and tendons!!!
    I feel like a worrying mama! Pictures are great and glad you are getting everything all fixed up in the early stages of the adventure.
    Love to Al!
    xxxooo me
    ps mabo's bday is manana!