Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Our extended stay at Green Turtle Bay

We cruised into this marina on Saturday to walk and have brunch with Ann and Rob before they headed home.  This is a beautiful and expansive resort with every service available.  We spent Saturday near by on anchor and then moved into a transient slip among many other looper boats.
Here we are, second boat from the right.
So Sunday we settled in and met many folks on their way to Florida full of stories of coming down the Mississippi which we will face at the end of this loop journey.  (ugh!)
Monday our boat was loaded with lots of new electronics to aid our navigation and while the electronics guy worked steadily, we spent our time on chores.  Which is why at dinner time I was just finishing up laundry and stepped from the galley to the berth in the bow to put the sheets where they belong and I fell into a hatch that had been left open to inspect wires.  It was a shock and painful but my first aid knowledge kicked in and I had ice on deep bruises, a sprained ankle and a deep cut bandaged tightly to hold it together in time to enjoy some take out dinner!  
My well wrapped ankle and toe. It is painful to walk on but people are so helpful and nice so I have a borrowed cane to hobble around with.
This will be a slight set back making Al do all of the boat work and meals for a few days.  So now I am sitting in the marina office while Inspeyered 2 is hauled out of the water as part of this electronic installation.
Hard to see that she is hanging in a sling across the bay from the marina
We are hoping the work is completed sometime tomorrow and we will then be on our way on the Tennessee River, a wide and scenic body of water.  Also hoping I will be walking on both feet by then!

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  1. Hi guys. It's Joan Farrell, and I think figuring out how to post to your blog is at least as complicated as posting photos! Just wanted to say bon voyage and nice manicure, Jane. Sorry you had to have that happen but glad it was early in the trip and at port rather than in rolling seas offshore. I am still sporting bruises from a bad move on our boat. Please remember to always look and to hold on when moving about! Can't wait until you head up the coast to New Jersey!