Thursday, September 24, 2015

Here we sit!!

So our 2-3 day installation of new electronics that will make our journey safer and likely more fun for
Al, is now into day 4 and we are thinking it will be done by tomorrow with a "sea trial" in the morning.  That is when Al and I get to play with the new equipment and be sure it is all installed well and that we know how to use it all.

Then our few hour job to change oil and impellers on perfectly working engines and generator yesterday turned into a 2 day job and our generator quit working!  The present diagnosis is that we need a new water pump which can only be delivered and installed on Monday.  Thus we continue to sit in this lovely marina.

The good news is that all this sitting around has helped me heal so now I can walk on 2 feet with light support of a cane and bruises are changing colors!  I am bored to tears since I can't exercise or do anything about the chaos on this boat.
What a mess!!
The plan now is to try and enjoy this marina, play with new stuff and heal my body, then we hope to head to the Tennessee River on Monday as early as we can get going.  More later!!

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  1. Glad to hear your foot/ankle is healing! Hope all new equipment is functioning well. Happy seas!!
    Megan h