Saturday, October 24, 2015

Continuing on what this loop is all about

Don't know why, but when the blog gets longer, I run into snags and this time I just couldn't make it go on so I have learned to not fight the iPad and just do it her way!  Perhaps by January, I will have mastered this process.  I also have had photo challenges so am slow to get this other half blog completed.  But photo magic happened today and here we go...

We used Victory Lap to take side trips out of our cozy wildlife cove.
We also took our daily walk at JP Coleman State Park.  As we were about to untie from their public dock, a looper boat came in struggling to fit into a small space on the dock near us so the third part of this adventure was experienced when we went to their rescue and helped with lines so they could take their little dogs on an emergeny pee break.  That is what loopers do, and of course we exchanged boat cards and later had more social time with them at the next marina.  The comraderie goes round and round!!
Returning to our home cove with Inspeyered 2 awaiting.  Next morning we upanchored and look what Mother Nature gave to us.
With Al's engineering mind, a rope and a little help from 2 fishermen, we were able to raise the large branch, drop the anchor from it's hold, send the branch back into the lake and successfully raise our anchor.  One more part of the challenges and the people help along the way!!

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