Monday, October 12, 2015

Heading East on the Tennessee River

After another hilly walk past amazing lake front homes in Counce, TN and visiting with Tim and Carol on Liquid Assetts (friends from Drakes Creek Marina who set out on the loop Oct 6) we untied from the dock and headed out once more on the Tennessee River.  Filled up on another 160 gallons of diesel and counted our blessings that the prices are dropping!
Before I move us out of the area using pictures, I am adding a late entry from Al.
He took this photo early Saturday morning, Oct. 3 of brave bass fishermen entering a tournament in the cold north wind.  Who needs a fish that badly?  There were at least 75+ boats waiting to take off fast then stop and fish!
So now back to us departing Grand Harbor on this past Saturday.
We were soon away from Tennessee and we cruised along the border with Mississippi on our starboard (right) and Alabama on our port.
Once more Al gave Mr. Autopilot control of the helm using the new toys.  He has to keep putting in new waypoints because Auto only steers straight and rivers are far from straight!!  I am using my iPad with charts and "Active Captain" overlay to follow our path and point out landmarks, marinas and possible anchorages.  I can read other boaters ratings of the anchorages and learn all the details of the scenery and wind protection in each one so we have plenty of information on which to base our travel plan.  Thank you technology!
These concrete structures are part of an old lock built more than 100 years ago that was covered with water when Pickwick Dam was closed.
Three rock piles mark the entrance to our anchorage on Ross Branch for Saturday night.
Once settled into a relaxing afternoon read on the fly bridge, I apply my favorite ice pack to keep the ankle healing!  I do follow my own advice!
The sun is lowering and the air is chillin so I am heading in for another quiet night on anchor with my book, a warm dinner and some Direct TV!

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  1. jane~
    the information you are sharing is so interesting. i am so impressed with all that you and al have done to prepare for this adventure. looks like some new furniture on the boat...a lovely wicker chair? Sure hope your ankle continues to improve...are you doing dfm???