Friday, October 30, 2015

Running in the rain

It seems that Hurricane Patricia is carrying a heavy load of rain that she feels the need to dump on us as we continue to head South along the Ten-Tom waterway.  Our friends on California Lady reported to us later on Sunday night that their experience with a dilapidated and nearly empty marina south of where we stopped was a stressful event that included becoming nearly mired in mud.  So we agreed to move on down to Columbus, MS to meet up with them and cruise together in the next few days to come.
While on our way, the Tombigbee River crosses in and out of the Tenn-Tom waterway.  The river was not deemed to be a navigable waterway on its own for commercial boat traffic, but after the "ditch" was dug, canals were also added to make the waterway a straighter course so the Tenn-Tom is part river and part man made canals.  In this picture, the river, on the right is joining the waterway.  Have I confused you all?  Look at a map and it will be made more clear.  Note our lovely shades of grey sky, water and trees!
So with the much greater water flow, forests and fields were flooded and these trees that still struggle to live in shallow water are a reminder that this is not a Mother Nature created river any longer.
Once again, we pass working tows and barges making a living on the resources that the the waterway banks provide.  We are mindful of their work and slow as we pass so as not to rock their workplace, ashame that folks have to work at all!!!!
We made it to Columbus Marina late in the afternoon and suddenly the rain stops (only for a short time) and the sun shines on our transient slip.
We met up with California Lady (Nancy and Mike) and since Tuesday dawns as another rainy, albeit warmer day, we change our plan from cruising to galavanting around town.  The highlights of Tuesday 10/27/15 are a belt purchase for me from Belk's (I forgot to bring one), a lunch at a Mexican restaurant, an electric heater knob purchase for Mike, dog food purchase for pet Leroy their dog, a protein supplement find for Nancy and the best one of all, a haircut that is rather cute for me!!!  You see it doesn't take much to make people living on a boat happy on a rainy day!!

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