Friday, October 2, 2015

Moving along the Tennessee River

Weather continues to be overcast, drizzly and chilly.  Wore a turtleneck top with a sweatshirt and jacket atop sweats today, what's up with that!! We started out early and ran another 60 miles today but we were up against current especially the closer we got to Pickwick Lock.  I could walk faster than we ran (well almost).
We found it interesting that most of the homes we saw along the river were built on platforms so they must expect high water conditions.  It was also interesting that we had long stretches of no homes and then a set of matching homes!
Oh my, the Captain is on the bow, who is at the helm?
Oh, that would be me trying to build my confidence in all the skills I need as 1st Mate!  It is made easier with the new navigation toys!
The cliffs along our cruise today were beautiful!  Houses were occasional and we could not figure out a settlement plan of the area.
We were lucky to cruise up to the Pickwick lock with it open and waiting for us to enter with another looper boat following us.  More new friends along the way.  We were raised up 55' to Pickwick Lake.

Our new friends on the loop, "One Bay at a Time" with Captain Jack at the helm, obviously the dog has the upper paw!!  They rafted along side us as we went through the lock.
So now we are peacefully rocking in a back cove near a marina and feeling warm and secure!

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  1. Your blog is very interesting. Feel like you're still close. Be safe. Stay away from the storms!