Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Onward to the Looper Rendezvous

Our cove has been quiet and nice.  Took it slow this morning and had a fun call from Erik.
It's official, he has a BS in Math from the University of Tennessee!!  So we can continue on our journey with proud hearts and calm minds knowing Erik is on a roll with adult life and taking good care of our baby girl, Domino.
So we called the next lock because we were only 8 miles away to find out about tows and the lock master told us he had a tow to lock through and it would be 2 hours before he could let pleasure craft through.  We kicked back and enjoyed another hour of reading.  But then when we were close to the lock right on time for the tow to be finished, it was apparent that 12 other loopers had backed up waiting for the lock.  Because the lock was full, we then waited another hour twirling around in the windy lake chop and had lunch.
Wheeler lock is now open for us and in we go to raise up another 37'
This is where Al works to parallel park the boat against the slimey wall while I wrap the line around the bollard that floats upward as the water rises.
Turbulent waters enter the lock.
Lock is full and the gate is opening.
Turning off the Tennessee River into First Creek to find Joe Wheeler State Park Marina
Our initial view of tons of looper boats gathered for this rendezvous.  If you tap on this photo and look to the right, those are all looper boats. We are not alone on this adventure!!! So for the next 5 days we will be meeting new friends, seeing "old" frriends, attending meetings and socials and in general having a good time.  No posts until next Sunday at least.  Nooo Worries!!!


  1. Hi Jane and Al, Thank you for all the great photos and excellent commentary! I especially liked seeing the photo of Erik- congrats- and the dam photos were damn interesting!! Fascinating!! Loved the one with the white speck of boat by the huge dam. Hope your ankle is feeling better. Thank you for clicking and uploading and keyboarding and doing all the other harrowing tasks needed to produce a pro blog! Enjoy your time with all the loopers!!

  2. hi jane and al! CONGRATS on so many things but definitely a big hug to erik! It is so cool to watch your progress...love the looper welcome line up! have been thinking of you often and happy to see you are becoming quite proficient at blogging and 1st mating! btw...when did erik become al's clone?!?!?!?!

  3. Bad weather here too, still at Wheeler. Be sure to report your injury, Jane on the looper sponsored www.marinemedicine.net Tell everyone on the loop to report injuries and illness - very easy to do and anonymous. See you in Charleston in the Spring.
    Jerry Reves