Monday, October 12, 2015

Where did this day go?

I am now up to date on posting pictures but want you all to know that blogging is complicated for me and I spent ALL morning, actually past noon, trying to retrieve the "dam" blog after mistakenly deleting it.  Had to rewrite it and then had some glich with the last pictures posted in a large size.  I just now figured out how to get rid of those pictures, repost smaller ones and got that thing published!

To calm my nerves, Al and I took Victory Lap to shore and walked from a county camp site onto lovely country roads.
This strange building is a tornado shelter next to the camp site.  Never have seen such a thing but it appears Alabama has had one too many tornados so they are safety conscious!
Heading back down a hill to the boat ramp.  If you click on this picture to enlarge it, you will just make out the tiny speck of Victory Lap tied to a small dock and and slightly bigger speck which is InSpeyered2.
You may be able to see the 2 boats a bit better from this angle. We then headed back to the boat to fight with the blog and do some reading and relaxing. 
One more thing, yes I do try and proof read these and my spelling and use of comas is sometimes off and my verb tenses don't always match up, but making corrections is above my pay grade so just excuse the errors and enjoy!!

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  1. omg...i can't believe you are wearing "our" cape cod shirt...mine is so-o-o-o worn out...but i still love it!
    great pix and thanks for keeping us updated on your daily grind...i was wondering how often you get to do your 4 mile walks?!