Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sitting still in Pickwick Lake

Late posting for 10/6-10/15
The best part of being retired is not having a schedule!!  We liked our little cove so much that we stayed another night and used the baby whaler to go back to Pickwick State park for our Tuesday late morning walk.  The ankle gets twinges but walking on flat roads is doable and we like the park.
This is a big ol' mushroom bunch in the park!  Nature is lovely when you have the time to enjoy it!
When on anchor it is easy to be lazy so after our walk we only did small boat chores and enjoyed the quiet.
Not much to break into our solitude on this cove!
But we decided to up anchor on Wednesday midmorning and cruised a few miles to Grand Harbor Marina at the mouth of the Tenn-Tom just off the Tennessee River.  This place has all the bells and whistles.  You can clearly see the fancy condos at the top of the marina area.  It is on a hilly lakeside so our walks from our dockage were challenging for my ankle so while Al walked daily, I missed a day!  No pictures over the 4 days, 3 nights at the marina because we do boring stuff like grocery shop, laundry, clean inside the boat, outside the boat and every surface available!!  Who has to clean the outside of their house every week?  Boating is a whole different experience but I am not raking leaves at least!!  We again, met new loopers and linked up with folks we met earlier at Green Turtle Bay so had fun going out to dinner to hear their stories since most people have been on the loop much longer than us. There is alot more for us to learn on this journey and mistakes can be made to having co-loopers around us is comforting.

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